Together, let’s CHART the future for our students and our school system.


I believe that educating our students takes a village and that families are partners in this work. All decisions on the Board should be made with your input, and I will ensure that students and parents have meaningful ways to engage with your leadership.

Human Capital

Our teachers are the most valuable asset we have at fulfilling The Promise of Gwinnett, and they deserve to be cherished in this work. Having been a classroom teacher myself, I know what it takes to deliver a high-quality lesson in front of our students everyday and will make sure teachers get more support in doing so.

Accessible Options

Gwinnett has led the state and the nation in providing strong and diverse school programs and models (Maxwell, GSMST, North Metro Academy, etc). I want to protect those options, maintain a high bar for excellence in each of them, and expand access to them for students and parents.

Resource Equity

A high-performing, world-class system like Gwinnett must actively work to ensure that the needs of EVERY student are met. In order to achieve that vision, the Board must work to disallow inequities in funding, resources and staffing that inhibit our ability to serve every child. I am willing to advocate for policies at the district level so that students who need the most can get what they need in order to be college and career-ready.


You should know exactly what is going on in our district and how the decisions that the Board makes will impact our students and their futures. In every decision we make as a district, we should be using some form of student data to drive our actions, and that data should be made transparently available to you as well.

  • Graduated from Shiloh High School, Harvard College (Bachelors) and Stanford University (Masters)
  • Former AP Calculus and Geometry teacher at KIPP Atlanta Collegiate High School in Atlanta Public Schools
  • Served in the Obama administration as a Policy and Advocacy Fellow at the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans
  • Has worked with superintendents in education policy at the district, state and national level
  • Still works in education: developing national cohort programs for teacher leaders and academic officers around instruction

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