About Everton Blair

My interest in education and public service started early.

At Shiloh High, while serving as Senior Class President, I student-taught a section of AP Calculus BC to my peers. That year of teaching sparked my passion in helping students learn from the front of the classroom, deepened my love for math, and allowed me to understand the complexity of teaching.

My first summer internship in college was right here with Gwinnett County Public Schools. I focused on helping principals solve operational problems before the school year began. Here, I learned how a large school system was structured, just how many moving parts there are, and how important collaboration and thought partnership are for addressing systemic issues.

After graduating from Harvard, I moved back to Atlanta and taught Geometry, AP and Pre-Calculus at KIPP Atlanta Collegiate High School. I was the youngest teacher in the building and taught the first graduating class at KIPP, so I was the first line for everything students wanted to know about college. Under the leadership of our KIPP Through College team, we were able to get 99% of our seniors to graduate and be accepted to a 4-year college.

Once the founding class graduated, I transitioned out of the classroom but stayed in education, focused on how policies impact underserved students in large school systems. While getting my masters at Stanford, I worked with teachers in the Office of African American Male Achievement in Oakland to promote inter-subject collaboration to improve outcomes for Black male students in the district.
The following summer at the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence, I built on my experience in Oakland and focused on the importance of teacher diversity in our schools as one of many ways to increase teacher-student engagement.

With the change in federal administration, I spent the last year facilitating learning experiences and personalized supports for superintendents and education CEOs in The Broad Academy. Now back home in Gwinnett, I am still supporting system leaders, but working with chief academic officers to help educators deepen their content knowledge and use high-quality standards to promote the learning of every child.

I believe my experience attending schools in Gwinnett, teaching in the City of Atlanta, and working with superintendents and education leaders across the country in local, state and federal education policy gives me a unique perspective that would positively contribute to the outcomes for students in our county.

Let’s work together to make sure that every student in this district is best served by the education we provide them.

  • Graduated from Shiloh High School, Harvard College (Bachelors) and Stanford University (Masters)
  • Former AP Calculus and Geometry teacher at KIPP Atlanta Collegiate High School in Atlanta Public Schools
  • Served in the Obama administration as a Policy and Advocacy Fellow at the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans
  • Has worked with superintendents in education policy at the district, state and national level
  • Still works in education: developing national cohort programs for teacher leaders and academic officers around instruction

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